The Alliance for California Traditional Arts promotes 和 supports ways for cultural traditions to thrive now 和 into the future.


Our vision is for a culturally 和 racially equitable California.

在我们日益分裂的社会中, we believe ACTA will play a critical role in shaping a positive future for California where the unique value of every culture is respected, 持续的, 和欣赏. 通过我们的 programs, services, 和 funding opportunities 对于传统艺术, 我们编织的更加一体化, 只是, 和 empathetic social fabric across California. Founded in 1997, ACTA is a 501(c)3 non-profit 和 for 24 years served as the 加州艺术委员会 official partner in serving the 状态’s folk 和 traditional arts field.

California is a leading creative 和 cultural capital in the world. With 1 in 4 Californians identifying as first generation immigrants, our 状态 is at the forefront of the country’s shift toward racial 和 ethnic plurality. We are home to an abundance of cultural traditions embedded in California families 和 communities. From Ohlone basketry to Japanese koto music, from Oaxacan mask-making to 酷儿 时尚 比赛, we recognize California’s breadth of cultural practice as sources of 社会归属、权力和正义.


We’ve supported California’s living cultural heritage for more than 20 years.

ACTA is a 状态wide 和 national leader dedicated to supporting cultural practitioners 和 their communities. We travel up 和 down California from our 办公室 in Fresno, 洛杉矶, 和 旧金山, reaching every corner of the 状态. 我们与社区合作, learning from their own articulation of assets, 需要, 和 aspirations in order to craft responsive programs 和 services. ACTA aims to serve as a bridge between cultural communities, 提供交流机会, 协作, 以及与新资源的联系. 

Since our founding in 1997 by cultural workers, 艺术管理员, 和艺术家, 我们已经分发了超过 700万美元 在赠款超过 1660名艺术家和组织50个县 在这个州. 

ACTA's 纠正的艺术 program offers traditional arts workshops in 18 California prisons, like this African drumming workshop led by Abdullatif Bell Touncara at Valley State Prison in Chowchilla, CA. 图片来源:Peter Merts.

Students of the Urasenke School of Chado lead a matcha tea brewing workshop as part of ACTA's 2018 - 2019 传统艺术圆桌系列 (TARS) in 洛杉矶. 图片来源:Timo Saarelma/ACTA.

Somali women show h和crafts at a San Diego celebration of Buranbuur, 或者是女性的口述诗歌, supported by ACTA's Living Cultures grant. 图片来源:Lily Kharrazi/ACTA.

ACTA celebrates two California artists receiving the 2018 National Heritage Fellowship from the NEA in Washington D.C. From left to right: ACTA Board President Daniel Sheehy, 绗缝大师玛丽恩·科尔曼, 艺术大师奥菲利亚·埃斯帕萨, 和 ACTA Executive Director Amy Kitchener. 图片来源:Julián Carrillo/ACTA.

Thirteen-year-old Sruti Sarathy (R) trains with master musician Anuradha Sridhar (L) in Carnatic violin as part of ACTA's 学徒计划. 图片来源:Sherwood Chen/ACTA.

An Afro-Colombian drumming class at 首页boy Industries, part of ACTA's 2019 Reentry Through the Arts pilot program serving the recently incarcerated population. 图片来源:Shweta Saraswat/ACTA.

Master artist Natividad González Morales shares techniques of barro (clay) sculpting in the Eastern Coachella Valley as part of ACTA's 建立健康社区 program. 图片来源:Quetzal Flores/ACTA.

A young artist from the Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center prepares for one of ACTA's 加州之声 concerts in Bayview, CA. 图片来源:Sonia Narang/ACTA.


We believe traditional artists make resilient communities.

Our partnering artists are tradition-bearers in their communities, 贡献他们所相信的, 知道, do, 和 create with others who share a common heritage, 语言, 宗教, 占领, 或地区. These expressions are reflective of a community’s shared st和ards of beauty, 值, 生活经历, 集体智慧. We believe that it is through these collective traditions that practitioners can mobilize 和 become catalysts for the 变革恢复 艺术在社会中的价值.

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ACTA年度报告:2018 - 2019

Learn about ACTA's accomplishments over the past fiscal year through stories, photos, 和 graphics!

Photos of TARS LA event on December 1, 2018 at JACCC, shot by Timo Saarelma.


Learn about ACTA's core programs which provide funding 和 support to artists 和 organizations across California, as well as our consulting 和 协作 opportunities that serve the traditional arts field at the local, 状态, 国家层面.


Every gift is a commitment to a culture bearer, 和 the people of California.